monday motivation

quite a lot to get done for the week


I need to send off for my Open University Financial support, the forms all filled in I just need to get it printed and have someone verify my documents want to try and have this in the post by Friday

Need to get on top of my filing, after sort out folders for everything I have been a bit lax about dealing with mail as it comes in.

taking of being lax I also still need to change the address on certain cards and policies which is something I have left for far too long


I literally cannot wait for my new gym to open, its been so long since I worked out in a gym and I want to feel that burn again. So I want to make sure I’ve got all my stuff together for when it does open this means I need to go and get a new pair of trainers – I’m going to go for something middle of the road price wise.

I plan on putting together a week by week schedule based on what classes are when, with 40 classes a week on offer I am hoping to do 2 classes and maybe 2 workouts a week but we shall see.

I don’t want to set any strict goals as its been a while since I exercised and I also don’t know how my medication will affect things, but I will definitely keep you posted


I am not sure quite what it is but recently I have wanted to eat and eat and eat I have gained a stone in weight which to be honest I probably needed however I do not need another one, So I have started making food again.

I want to make sure there are healthy snacks

Easy to cook meals in the freezer

and ideas for lunches

hope you all have a great week


Friday fitness

So I’ve made quite a lot of progress. I haven’t arranged a gym induction at the pay as you go gym as I have signed up for a membership for a new gym near me with a really cheap monthly fee of £10.99 because work pay the 1st £10 of the membership I will only be paying 99p which is great

The new gym is not opening until June. Which is a bit annoying but once it does open there’s classes which I’ve missed loads included in the price and its open 24 hours a day so no excuses for not going

I also dragged the boy out on a nice long walk which was lovely, being at my parents means there’s more woodland to walk through

Next weeks goals are to

Go swimming at least once

Take at least 2 long walks

Keep a food diary and track energy levels

Have a healthy week

Monday motivation

Morning all hope everyone had a lovely weekend, we went off to Sam’s brothers wedding which was lovely it was just a pity the time was so tight.

This week theres

not loads ive got planned

I need to try and sort a fancy dress outfit based on what I wanted to be when I was 4 and honestly I have no idea

As I mentioned I want to sort my gym induction, though part of me is experting to be sent away to get a doctor’s note saying it’s ok to exercise.

I also want to get my ou finance sorted asap as well need to call the bank and get my P60 from work

We also did a food shop so im all ready for the week and won’t be going near the vending machines

Its also my first week in my new department at work 🙂 which I am very happy about

Hope everyone has a great week

Friday fitness

So ive made some progress against my goals
Im off to circuits on Monday at the church near my mums

I haven’t managed to sort a gym induction yet as ive had a really busy week, this is a must for next week

I did manage to keep a better eye on my food this week including posting a what I ate post, I’ve found keeping an eye on my food shows me where my weaknesses are so I can start over coming them

Gonna keep this short and sweet as I getting ready to go meet the boys family at a wedding

Wine o’clock I think hope you all have a great weekend

What I ate yesterday

Welcome to ky first what I ate yesterday post


I started the day off with a grapefruit
Followed by


Sausage and bacon – the advantages of being at my parents all this was washed down with cups of tea


Homemade soup for lunch with a


Bagel and philly

After lunch me and dad went and enjoyed a few drinks


Then it was nap time
For dinner I had a chicken curry


The photo isn’t great but it was yummy

Realised if I eat 3 meals im less tempted to snack need to work on having lunch when im on my own

Monday motivation

Hope everyones had a great easter I’ve had a lovely few days I cooked dinner for my family and then I’ve spent a few days with my parents I meant ti post earlier but ended up having a 3 hour nap

Last week I managed to make it to the market and stock up on fruit and veg

I also got the house work done and created a cleaning rota

This week I want to

Pack my weekend bag – off to a wedding

Tidy up the linen closet

Do a budget – to take into account my pay rise

Looking forward to having the rest of the week off after tomorrow pity it looks like it’s going to rain all week

Friday Fitness – lets talk goals

I know this is the Easter weekend a time better known for chocolate binges than for starting new exercise goals but I am going to power through and set some goals

  • Attend at least on exercise class – I definitely prefer classes to working out by myself, when I walk into a class I know i am there to work my butt off for an hour. also because classes are at set times I can schedule them in to my diary
  • Make an appointment for an induction at the local pay as you go gym – I cant afford a regular monthly gym membership and the moment and its not worth paying what I was paying before just to do the odd class and use the sauna
  • start tracking my food a bit more – I am going to aim for at least one What I ate today type post a week

so that’s 3 fairly attainable goals, part of me wants to set loads but I know that I need to build stuff up slowly so I start new sustainable habits.